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From Hartjes, Naturally.
Why does Hartjes have the best Nordic Walking shoe?
It´s simple: Cross-country skiing is the closest to Nordic Walking with regard to the sequence of movements.
Hartjes has more than 20 years of experience in making shoes for cross-country skiing.
But that´s not all. For a number of years, Hartjes has produced highly successful, high quality casual shoes that provide exceptional comfort.
The next ( logical ) step..... To develop a Nordic Walking shoe that is uncompromisingly comfortable.
Trust Hartjes expertise when it comes to your feet.
Wellbeing means putting your best foot for ward
The human body wasn´t built to run nonstop.
Rather, the human anatomy is best suited to the motions associated with walking. The sport of Nordic Walking developed as a logical consequence of this. It involves brisk walking with vigorous arm movements. Nordic Walking strengthens the cardiovascular system and is ideal for endurance training. It trains the legs, arms and shoulder muscles. Nordic Walking burns approx. 40 % more calories than regular walking. The use of poles helps relieve the burden on the joints, back and knees considerably. This also explains the broad enthusiasm for the sport among the general public. Nordic Walking is just as suitable for passionate athletes as a supplement to their normal training as it is for newcomers to the sport or for those looking to get back into shape again. In addition to applying the poles correctly, wearing shoes that optimally support the sequence of movements is of vital importance in Nordic Walking.
Meet the Hartjes Nordic Walking Shoe - conceived especially for this sport.
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